Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

...My how your garden does hang??!!

Amy over at Finer Things always has great garden pictures, inspiration, and tips. I'm always curious as to how her plants are growing, since we both started gardening just this year. The only difference is she is able to actually have a garden. Ours has to hang. Off of the swingset... for right now. We may have to move it eventually to even higher ground.

Growing peaches...I'm good at that!! They'll be ready in about another week or two...

We have two peach trees, but because of our many unwelcomed neighbors, we either don't have a garden, have a container one that we can move into the garage (however, our garage door hasn't been a deterrent before), or use the Topsy Turvy. We chose the Topsy Turvy and they're working out pretty well! We had them hanging on Shepherds hooks, but they were being weighted down from the constant watering, so we hung them from the swingset. We planted a tomato plant in the tomato "turvy" and zucchini and cucumber plants in the strawberry one. (We were too late in acquiring our Turvy to grow strawberries...we'll try next year).

Both plants have sprouted many blooms, but no fruit. Amy has a great tip that may help with my tomatoes...I gave it a try today. Keep your fingers crossed!!

For this mornings garden update, go here.

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  1. My neighbor's peach tree got hit by the late frost. No (free) peaches for us this year. :( There is a peach tree farm about an hour away. Oh, that would be a fun family outing!

    Anyway :), your topsy-turvys look great! Hope the sugar water helps...

  2. The peaches look wonderful.

    I did not know that you could grow so much in your topsy turveys. I am going to enjoy watching the progress.

  3. I'm glad to see the Topsy Turvey working for you! Everyone I know has told me that they don't work well at all. Good luck with your gardening! This is my first year growing anything too. My poor garden isn't looking so great, but at least I've been able to harvest a couple of things so far!