Saturday, June 27, 2009

Super Savings Saturday- $9.42 Summer Snack Attack Edition

With summer comes playdates, extra kids in the house, and the infamous, "Mom, we're hungry" and they want snacks! Here's what I scored between two stores this week...

4 Trix Yogurts: Sale for 4/$6. (2) .80cent coupons, doubled. $.70cents each. $2.80
3 Luigis Italian Ice: Sale for $1.33. (3) .75cent coupons, doubled. Free
4 SuperPretzel/Pretzel fils: Sale for $1.84. (4) .75cent coupons, doubled. $.34cents each. $1.56
8 Cheerios: Sale for 4/$6. (4) $1 coupons, (2) $1/2 coupons, (2) .55cent coupons, doubled. About .48cents each. $3.80
2 Apple Jacks and Froot Loops: Sale for 3/$5 ($1.66 each) (2) $1 coupons. .66cents each. $1.32

Total: $9.48

I figure we're stocked for the rest of the summer in cereal. I'm going to stick popsicle sticks in the yogurts and freeze them in my new freezer for yogurt pops. Missing from picture: 4 Cheerios boxes...I sent them with Daddy to basketball camp at the State University this weekend. Hopefully he'll snack on them instead of the customary late night pizza delivery!!

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