Friday, June 26, 2009

Frugal Friday: Hop in Your Thinking Chair and Get Creative!

When my oldest turned two we had a Blues Clues party. In the party bag were thinking chair "handy, dandy notebooks" that I picked up at the party store. They came 4 in a pack and I paid, maybe, $4-5 for them. Since then, my youngest has been begging for a handy dandy notebook. So, I ran to Party City and found out they no longer carry them. So, onto the internet we went... because you can find anything online!! I found them alright, $15 each or for $49.95 for a pack of 4!!! Apparently they've been discontinued and they're a hot item.
I of course want to encourage my little buddy's imaginative play as Joe in his thinking chair, but not at that price! So I downloaded an image of the notebook, enlarged it to the notebook size, and printed it out on cardstock. Cut it out with a back to match, then stapled copier paper inside to make a notebook. It's not bound like the 'real thing', but he loves it just the same!
Cost: maybe a dime for the printer ink used, and about a nickel for the paper. Can't beat that with a stick!!
Moral of the story...when you're in need of something and it's just too costly, put on your thinking caps, hop in your thinking chair, or do whatever you 'gotta do to create your own (or to re-purpose something else).
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  1. Great idea! I bet your little guy was thrilled with your homemade notebook.