Friday, April 3, 2009

Pick a Color, Any Color...

I love a great deal, and I love hearing from and sharing tips with my readers and friends. So when a reader and longtime friend wrote with this frugal tip, I just had to share...

"I am trying to pick a paint color to complement my pretty new bathroom. I prefer Benjamin Moore paint and have found it useful that they sell those little paint samples for $3.50 a piece, but sometimes you buy 2 and they aren’t good…so you buy 2 more…and they don’t work and then you think you like this color that they don’t actually have a sample for (they only sell samples for the top 250 or so colors) and resort to buying a quart of paint. It works out to be a lot of $$$ wasted testing paint colors. What's a girl on a budget to do??
A frugal solution…
Call Benjamin Moore. They will send you for FREE (I love FREE) larger paint chips (8 x 8). You can order as many as you like of as many colors as you like. You can then tape the 8x8 samples of the same color together and tape that to the wall. Much easier and FREE!!! They didn’t even charge me for shipping!
This is the direct # for Benjamin Moore paint chips: 1-888-854-9889.
I called and requested 4 samples each of 10 different colors. They said it will go in the mail today…I should have them in 3-5 business days."

Thanks KB for the tip! I wish I had known that before I bought my 10+ tester jars!!
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  1. I enjoyed reading your posts. I especially love the white desk and the lovely little touches.