Sunday, March 22, 2009

Supper Time- March 22nd-28th

*Meals are subj. to change w/o notice due to unforeseen circumstances, change of plans, migraines or meltdowns!!
Sunday: Family Fun Day at the State Park (resch. from yesterday)
fried chicken
sweet tea, lemonade

Monday: Daisy Scout Investiture Ceremony (family dinner at home after)
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Homemade breadsticks with cheese

roasted potatoes
green beans

macaroni and cheese (from a three year old is in a phase that he will only eat what comes from the blue box. I do buy the whole grain kind!)
homemade rolls

Thursday: Cheesesteak wraps
organic french fries

Friday: Meatless...Lenten Friday
Homemade pizza
fruit salad

Saturday: Family Fun...Happy Birthday A&A!!!
A Birthday Party for two little family friends...their bashes are huge, so they'll have plenty to eat there!

Note: try to use free-range organic or all-natural chicken and beef, and organic fruits and vegetables when possible...and always try to use organic dairy!!

For more menu ideas go here...

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