Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gratituesday...My Children

"Even a child is known by his actions..." -Proverbs 20:11

Each morning when I wake up and hear my children I am so grateful to God. He gave me these two wonderful little people to nurture and guide, to love, and to mold into beautiful, kind individuals, and to live a godly life. And, I am seeing just that! We must use the oppotrunities of these few short years while they are young to teach them our values and beliefs!
The task I have with my young, super-hero loving little boy is to guide him to be an honest and caring little man...to be a strong leader. It will always be a work in progress...he's coming along nicely, though! He has a great, big heart and loves to share with others! It's always an adventure with him around!
My kind little girl is maturing into a little young lady who cares for others and is always spreading around her joyfulness of life. Yesterday, she made the ultimate decision to get her long, flowing blond hair cut for "Locks of Love". She marched right in, no hesitiations, told the ladies exactly what she wanted and got ten inches cut off...then, she requested it go to her little girlfriend who just started losing her hair from chemotherapy treatment. (They actually don't earmark donated hair to a specific individual, so it was packaged and sent off to the "Locks of Love" headquarters.) When she was finished, she hopped off the chair, gave her head a shake admiring her new little bob haircut and proclaimed, "I feel so much joy in my heart right now!" My friends, twenty years from now we may be seeing her featured with the Women of Faith Tour ...2029!! Stay tuned!!

10 inches of my six year olds hair...on it's way to a needy little girl at "Locks of Love"

Raising children who have been loaned to us for a brief moment certainly outranks any other responsibility. God loves his children and He wants them to live in peace with Him forever. He did not make them like robots, to mindlessly love and obey Him. He gave them a brain and freedom of choice, and knowing that I am leading my children to the Lord (and that they are listening... even though sometimes I wonder!!) will outrank any other achievement for me as a mother.


  1. That is awesome. As a hairdresser you do Locks of Love donations. I always love it when the young girls do it. But it is even better to see one do it with the heart of Christ. Good job young lady.

  2. Love your post! I can always use the reminder to be thankful for the precious children God has given me as gifts to be reared and trained for Him.

  3. Oh I completely agree! Leading our kids to God is our main, most important task. More important than the grades they make, how well they play the piano, how many friends they have, or what extracurricular activities, and all the other things that we sometimes stress too much about as parents! I am challenged all the time with ways to impact my kids' hearts with Jesus rather than just training them to behave appropriately.