Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Fun- St. Patrick's Day in the Country

One of the many great bagpipe groups in the parade...brings back memories. We had bagpipers at our wedding!

St. Patrick's Day around here is special...St. Patrick is my son's patron saint, who he's named after (his middle name, actually) Francis-Patrick... can't get more Irish than that! We celebrate every year going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in our small, tiny town, then I typically make an Irish meal after. This year the parade's Grand Marshall was my high school principal... a Catholic priest "right off the boat" so-to-speak from Ireland. It made it that much more meaningful, seeing students marching in the parade from my high school (present ones and ones I went to school with and their own families!), and students from my Catholic elementary school. This year it was more like a "homecoming" of sorts. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and her family drove to visit and enjoyed a day in the "country". It was beautiful weather and great Family Fun for all!!

Only in the country...haybails and tractors pulling along the floats!

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