Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday...What Works for YOU??

I'm taking a different approach this week in my "Works for Me Wednesday" post. I need some advice on two different subjects, and I'd like to know, "What Works for You" case any of you have been in a similar situation.
First is regarding I purchased two gift certificates a few weeks back for a local family restaurant. Two $25 certificates, and paid the $10 each fee (there were no codes out at that time...) Well, last week we went to use one. We sat down, I took it out, put it on the table, and said we'd be using our certificate, then placed our order (BTW...this was at 6:20pm when we walked in there, and after waiting 15mins to all of us, especially the kids, were starving by this point!) After placing our order the owner (as she introduced herself) came over and explained they no longer accept the certificates. She then said should have emailed me?? (never heard of that!!) to explain. She said too many people were using them, so they decided not to accept them anymore. She then said to try and use it at another restaurant??!! Another restaurant?? It blatantly says the name of their establishment on the certificate...why would another restaurant accept it? We then said that someone should have explained that before we ordered, etc. and that we had already purchased this (they had gotten our fee from already) and that they should honor the unused certificates that were already purchased. It just didn't seem right. Anyhow...$37.77 later, which really should've cost us $12.77 (plus the $10fee we already paid), plus $6 tip (low because she was so rude and got incredibly nasty and never came to check on us until to give us the bill!!) we have two unused certificates that we paid $20 for, which will not be honored. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do? And, if not, any advice? I was thinking to contact, actually planning on it, but wonder if I should contact BBB for selling something they won't honor?
On a totally different subject...
My oldest is in kindergarten. In the beginning of the year, the teacher, of course, asked for volunteers to be class mom. Well, having another little one at home I knew I couldn't dedicate being there for every holiday party or activity, but I wrote in a note that I'd like to be involved and to contact me to help out in any way. I also said I'd like to volunteer in the classroom, so please to let me know. (I wrote that I would make other arrangements for my little guy). From now until then I have run in to the class mom and, again, let her know that I would like to be included in an activity, and to let me know (in case she had anything to do with it) and I also wrote another note into the teacher asking to be involved in an activity. Because...there are a select few moms that have been in the classroom on a number of read to the class, craft activities, etc. Seems to be the same ones every time! I must disclose, I have been called to help... to purchase items for these activities and to send them in, or to bake for these activities and to send them in. The last time I was called to purchase something I asked why I'm always called upon to buy items and not to help...the class mom said this time I was the last one to call and that no one else was able to send in certain things, or she couldn't get in touch with them, and, "Oh, we don't need any more help that day." She knew I was "sick of it", or, if she didn't, then she hasn't got a clue...because you could tell I was annoyed. I haven't been called since. So, which brings me to today. Another one of the "same" moms was in reading to the class yesterday, so my I risk being dubbed a PITA (you all know the acronym!!) which I'm not a complainer, but my obvious interest in helping out in the classroom, one of the major reasons I want to stay home, is to be involved in my children's class activities, etc....I'm an elementary school teacher, for crying out loud (well, I've been home with my kids, but nevertheless, I'm still a teacher!!) , is being ignored!! Or, do I say nothing and just let it be? (BTW...I'm not really a sit-back-and-say-nothing kinda' girl!!) The school says they "pride" themselves on parent involvement in the classroom!!!
Any insight? Ideas? Tips? What "Works for You"?? Please leave your comments!!


  1. I would contact first and if they don't make it right for you I would go above them.

    I have no idea what you should do about the school thing. I have run into the same problem too. I'm a stay-at-home mom also and try to get involved with the parties etc. and always find that I'm the last to hear or I am the only one driving on field trips and the rest of the moms have already been in contact with each other to carpool etc. We have only been at this school for two years so I realize I'm a bit new but I did not have this problem at our other school. I think some places are just more snotty than others. I just figure I've already been in high school once and I'm not going back :) If I were you I would contact the teacher directly or just show up at the party or whatever and bring or do what you want to do. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. Maybe instead of just letting them know you are able to help "if needed" you can say that you'd "like to come in to volunteer" on Tuesdays (pick your day) each week. Or maybe once every 2 weeks,,,even once a month...whatever works for your schedule. Basically, don't ask anymore.Tell them you are coming in. Do they have a schedule of the special activities you are interested in helping with? Get a copy and tell the teacher ahead of time that you'll be coming in that day to volunteer.
    My 3rd child in currently in K5. I can't imagine any of our teachers would turn down a volunteer. There is ALWAYS something for a volunteer to do :-)

  3. I just read an article this morning about someone else having the same issues with

    Here's a link to the article:

    As for the kindergarten issues, I guess I would contact the teacher directly to ask when he/she needs help. You might offer a specific project that you would organize. Sounds like the "class mom" has decided to snub you for some reason. Her loss!

  4. Interesting. I'm having some of the same issues with my son's class this year. I couldn't go to observe during American Education week because my father was dying - in hospice care. After Christmas I started trying to schedule a time when I could go in and observe, but it never seems to be convenient. I too have the feeling I'm not wanted. I'm beginning to be self-conscious and wonder what I did wrong along the way.