Saturday, February 21, 2009

Having a Plan...when changing the Plans!!

Change is a part of life and every single day everything is changing...keep your heart open to new possibilities and new experiences!
I love having a menu plan... it keeps me focused and from frantically running around at 5pm (the witching hour around here) wondering what I'm going to fix for supper, not having anything defrosted. It also helps out when your original "plan" goes out the window, as in this past week for us. I rearranged some dates meals, changed some meals altogether, and totally eliminated the rest! But that's okay...things change according to circumstances.
In additon to the changes to our meal plan for the week, our original plan to have a "Family Fun Night" split itself in half. Instead, we had a "Daddy/Daughter Fun Night" and a "Mommy/Son Fun Night". My husband took my daughter Saturday night to the final's for the basketball league that he coaches in... too bad they were spectators and not participants!! We hope to be there competing next year!! Considering it was a later evening game, and the fact that my three year old son doesn't particularly enjoy sitting through games just yet and had already sat through my daughters Upward basketball game this morning, I decided to stay home with him. We played on the computer. Something he never gets to do on his own...he always has his older sister pushing her way in or monopolizing what they see. He was thrilled to play SuperWhy Bingo! It was so exciting to watch him use the mouse to find the letters and click...! Then, we had ice-cream cones, played "catch" and roll the ball in the family room (something that is rarely allowed because it always seems to get out-of-hand!!), played a few minutes of Planet Heroes mixed together with cowboys on a horse, then went on a "mission" (think...Little Einsteins). All this within two and a half hours! We then got (comfy-cozy...a phrase that make him giggle!!) in our jammies and watched Caillou before bed. My sister then brought my daughter home, while my husband stayed for another round of games. She came home exhausted, having spent the entire game cheering on the team I'm told! She had a blast with her father (my father, sister, and her children were there as father also coaches in the same league, and lost in the semi's Thurs. night...the family is close, another tiny-town type thing!!) I'm glad we were able to do this...just the other day my husband had off school and my daughter didn't, so he took my son with him to practice and I took my daughter out to lunch before kindergarten. We had some great one-on-one time with each child this week! A change I'd like to do more often!
Today ended up being a great family day. The sun was shining and my mother-in-law was able to drive the hour to see my daughters game, then treated us to breakfast. The kids were able to play outside, the family was able to see one another tonight, and even though our little family wasn't all physically together tonight and plans changed, we ended up having some great "Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Family Fun"!!

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