Thursday, January 22, 2009

CVS: $2.41 (but could've done better!)

We've had colds here this week so I ran quickly to pick up a prescription and a few necessities. My total was $2.41 OOP (out-of-pocket) but I could've done better! After I got in the car and went to put my receipt in my CVS envelope, I realized I had a ton (about 8) coupons for $10/$50!! I had just made $50, so that would've been a good one! Oh well...just goes to show it helps to be organized!! (which I thought I was!!) Also proves how lack of sleep can impair your abilities!!

Here's what I got:
4 Pepsi 12pks and 3 Lays/Tostitos Chips for $20 purchase deal: $21 (got $10ECBs) *Great for the Super Bowl!!* I will be sending in for Pepsi/Lays Rebate in form of coupons
The rest didn't generate ECB's but were things we needed!
5 Pks Duracell : $2.99each (used (3)$1.50 coupons and (2)$1 coupons)
2 Cascade: $2.99each (used $1/2 coupon)
2 CVS select-a-size paper towels: $1.99each
1pk straws: $1
2 Gold Emblem fish: .99cents each ($1/2 CVS coupon)

Used ECB's and spent $2.41OOP. I received $10ECB's and I have another $8 remaining.
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